Lilly Pulitzer Spring Break Accessories | Be The Boutique

“Their colors and patterns are always beautiful and, up here in the north, they get people excited for warmer weather to come!” That’s what we heard from sales representative Kim Pauszek when asked about her favorite part of working for Lilly Pulitzer. And we couldn’t agree more! Looking ahead to spring break, we worked with Kim to curate the top Lilly accessories that should be in your suitcase.

Foldable Sunglass Case
These bright cases with fold-over tops will ensure your sunnies don’t get lost (or broken) in the depths of your beach bag.

Kim: The one product I’ve been most excited about this season is their new sunglasses case! Not only is it great for your sunglasses, but I’ve also been using it as a tiny clutch for the gym or anywhere I don’t want to carry in a big purse. It comes in three of their new patterns and is accented with gold on the inside. It is Lilly perfection!

Insulated Tumbler
Keep a fresh floral pattern in your hand all week long with Lilly’s insulated tumbler. Its double-walled design is perfect for keeping beach drinks cold.

Kim: Lilly and floral patterns have always gone hand in hand, which is perfect for this season’s big floral trend! You will see lots of florals and, of course, bright colors in Lilly’s new patterns. The insulated tumbler is available in a new floral favorite: Bright Navy Wild Confetti.

Sunglass Straps
Don’t stretch out your sunnies by keeping them on top of your head. Pack a few sunglass straps and sport a new Lilly pattern each day of spring break.

Kim: My all-time favorite Lilly print is called “First Impresssions.” It is a subtle floral print and, for me, it was love at first sight! Though many items aren’t available in that pattern anymore, I have definitely taken a liking to several of our new patterns including “Spot Ya” and “Shrimply Chic.” Both are featured on the sunglass straps.

Insulated Beach Cooler
Skip the paper bags and styrofoam coolers. Keep it classy at the beach (or pool) with the insulated beach cooler that’s easy to fold and fit in your suitcase.

Kim: Lilly has held a long-standing spot in the fashion world and continues to do so because woman associate the brand with sophistication and class! They’ve built a recognizable brand that continues to be cherished from generation to generation. Once a Lilly girl, always a Lilly girl!

With the Lilly planner, you can stay in the “spring break state of mind” all year round (and start keeping track of all of those summer weddings).

Kim: The planner is an accessory every woman should have – whether you’re really organized, or just pretend to be (like me). Not only do they come in bright, fun patterns, the layout of the planner is very well designed. I don’t leave home without mine!

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