Shopper Spotlight - Meet Kelly | Be The Boutique

Kelly has been a loyal “Be Girl” since day one. Not only do we benefit from her IT savvy, her bright smile and enthusiasm light up our boutique. We sat down with Kelly to talk about her active Indy life and her go-to summer wardrobe.

Be: What neighborhood do you live in?

Kelly: My husband and I moved to Meridian Kessler 19 years ago. It has been a wonderful  place to raise a family (my son is 16 and my daughter is 13). We love the neighborhood because of how social and active it is. From lively block parties, to neighbors talking over coffee, to kids riding bikes – there are always people out and about.

Be: Tell us about your career.

Kelly: I graduated from IU with degrees in Business Process Management and Computer Information Systems. I worked for Lilly for 12 years, and then decided to leave the corporate world to raise my kids. For the past seven years, I’ve been a digital marketing consultant working for a variety of small- and medium-sized businesses in the Indy area. I love my job because it enables me to help my clients build a robust online presence – a must-have for success in today’s marketplace.

Even more important than my day job, I’m passionate about volunteering. I’ve served on the PTO and other committees at my kids’ schools, I was a Little League Board member for seven years, a coordinator for the Immaculate Heart of Mary 5K Fall Festival Run for seven years, and a board member for the IU Philanthropy Women’s Conference.

Be: How would you describe your personal style?

Kelly: My style is very relaxed. I wear a lot of casual dresses or tunics with leggings – anything that’s comfortable and versatile. My go-to outfit this summer will probably be a unique dress that I can wear for a day of client meetings, and into the evening for drinks with friends or my kids’ sporting events.

Be: When did you start shopping with us?

Kelly: I stopped in Be within the first six months it was open on College Avenue. I’m always looking for new boutiques where I can buy one-of-a-kind dresses and tops that you can’t find at the big department stores. When I met Barbie it was an instant friendship! I keep coming back to Be because the store looks different every time I go in. Barbie is constantly getting new merchandise and rearranging her store to provide new experiences for her customers.

Be: If you had $1000 to spend at Be, what would you spend it on?

Kelly: Wow, that would be fun! I would buy one or two of her unique handbags, new sandals and several dresses. I’d top it all off with some new jewelry!

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