Shopper Spotlight: Meet Dana and Janie | Be The Boutique

When mother-daughter duo Dana and Janie Pahud first walked through our boutique doors four years ago, we built an instant friendship. From their unique Bohemian style to their beautiful personalities, we love having them in our shop! We sat down with them to talk about everything from lake house décor to their list of must-buy graduation gifts.

Be: Tell us about yourselves.

Dana: I’m originally from St. Louis and went to college at Indiana University. After graduation, I moved to Indianapolis and was a business analyst for EBS. Now I’m a stay at home mom (the best job in the world). We live in Carmel on a gorgeous lane that used to be part of a horse farm. I enjoy doing volunteer work for the Christamore House and in my children’s schools.

Janie: I’m the middle child – the one girl between two brothers! We have three dogs, which I love – two boston terriers and boxer. I’m a senior at Brebeuf where I ran track and field and next year I’ll be attending Butler to study biology. Eventually, I hope to be a physician’s assistant.

Be: Describe your personal style.

Dana: My personal style can range from Bohemian, to sporty, to preppy depending on my mood. For a busy day of errands I always go with practical and comfortable – yoga pants and layers on top depending on the temperature. I typically wear dressy jeans, heels and a fun top for a night out with friends. I love flowy blouses and boots of all kinds.

I’d say the style of my home is very unique. The architecture is Italianate and the décor is an interesting mixture of art deco and lodge. My favorite room in the house is part of the kitchen – a cozy hearth room that has a fireplace. We’re also in the process of building a house on Lake Wawasee. The décor will be traditional vintage lake. As excited as I am to decorate the inside, I know my favorite part of the house will be the dock! Our family has been going there for years so we’re very excited to finally have a place to call home.

Janie: Because I have two brothers, I used to dress like a tomboy. (I still don’t think I’m very good at matching!) I tend to wear a lot of neutrals and basics but also a touch of Bohemian. For a dressier night out with friends I’ll wear high-waisted jeans with a shorter shirt or a romper with wedges if it’s warm. In terms of décor, I’ll probably lean more toward Bohemian than preppy for my dorm room. I’m looking at wall tapestries and a colorful quilt from Anthropologie.

Be: Graduation is coming up quickly! What will be your go-to gifts to give?

Dana: I typically do most of my graduation gift shopping at Be. Last year, I did monogrammed duffel bags for my friends’ sons and those were a big hit. The shaving kits are also great. I’ll probably go with dorm room items or monogrammed jewelry for girls. I also noticed the sorority gear for the first time! So I’ll have those in the back of my mind over the next few months as girls start to pledge.

Janie: For guys, I really like the nail kits from Gentlemen’s Hardware. They are so essential but it’s something they wouldn’t already have. Also, I think a few of my guy friends would be interested in the monogrammed cuff links. For girls, I really like the shower caddies with matching brushes. I will probably also look at all of the monogrammed gifts for closer friends.

Be: Is shopping local important to you?

Dana: I love being able to see and buy things that not everyone else has. For example, Be has so much variety. There’s something new to explore every time I walk in. You can’t find the clothing anywhere else in town and this shop is a “sure thing” when you need a hostess gift, graduation gift or birthday gift. I also like the smaller atmosphere, knowing I can ask questions and get great customer service.

Janie: I love to shop at local boutiques. I just like that they’re different and knowing that I’m going to get something that all of my friends don’t already have. Bigger chain stores tend to have a lot of the same things. I also like the atmosphere of being in a smaller store and helping the community.

Be: If you had $1000 to spend at Be, what would you spend it on?

Dana: It would totally depend on the time of year or the time in my life. But, right now, I would definitely spend it on rugs and other décor for my lake house. There are so many items in the store right now that align perfectly to the look I’m going for. I also might just go on a gift-giving spree! Every time I walk in I see something that at least one person in my life would want.

Janie: The first thing that caught my eye when I walked in the store recently was the new sandals. I would definitely get a pair of those. I love them! I would also buy the Lilly Pulitzer tumblers and other Lilly accessories for the lake house. They just put me in a good mood!

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