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From their unique line of monogrammed acrylic jewelry to their endless list of quirky gifts, it’s no wonder Moon & Lola has been on Oprah’s list of “Favorite Things” for the past two years. Want to add a Moon & Lola staple to your jewelry box? See what sales representative Kim Pauszek has to say about her favorite pieces and her go-to graduation gift-giving picks.

BE: What is your favorite part about working for Moon & Lola?

Kim: My favorite part of working as a sales representative for Moon & Lola has been getting the opportunity to have the first look at what their talented designers will come up with next. They were the first to venture into the amazing world of acrylic jewelry. Since then, they have built an acrylic empire and have expanded their jewelry line to include metal jewelry and home décor items such as pillows and mugs.

BE: What are the Moon & Lola essentials every woman should have?

Kim: There are too many great pieces to just choose one! Of course, every woman needs the classic monogram necklace. These beauties are hand assembled in their North Carolina studio and come in endless designs and colors. I also love the Dalton bangle. It’s a great way to add a pop of color to a stack of bracelets. Finally, I think every working woman needs the monogrammed mug. What better way to make sure your co-workers don’t accidentally sip on your morning joe?

BE: We’re getting close to graduation season. What Moon & Lola items do you think would make the best gifts for grads?

Kim: Moon & Lola has dozens of items that would make perfect graduation gifts. In my opinion, the top three items are…

Monogrammed key chain. These make great gifts because you can choose the graduate’s new school colors! They’re also at a reasonable price point so a high schooler could buy them for a small group of friends.

Acrylic state necklace. These are perfect for a graduate who is moving out of state for college. You can personalize it with a heart over their hometown to make it extra special.

Acrylic cuff links. Don’t forget about the boys! These come in a variety of styles and colors and are truly something the graduate will keep for a lifetime. These also made the list of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2014.

BE: How important are small boutiques to Moon & Lola’s success?

Kim: Boutiques are very important to their success because they enable people to get the full Moon & Lola experience. It can be tough to buy jewelry online – especially when it is being personalized. At boutiques like Be, customers are able to touch and feel the items they’re interested in. It helps customers get creative when they see items in person.

BE: Founder Kelly Shatat says she started Moon & Lola with one mission: to make people happy. Do you think it’s working?

Kim: Absolutely. Being able to personalize a product makes gift-giving that much more thoughtful – and fun! With Moon & Lola products, you are able to personalize items not only with monograms, but also with dates or names. This makes each item more of a sentiment versus just a piece of jewelry. Who wouldn’t be happy about that?

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